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The SmartClean International System


This is the most cost effective solution available with a proven Return On Investment that has been extensively developed and piloted by us over the last 24 months within the UK.


SmartClean enables the optimal use of cleaning operatives and provides full accountability of replenished consumables.  Washroom traffic is monitored by battery powered sensors and cleaning operatives are dynamically routed to those spaces with heavier footfall requiring prompt attention.

There is no limit to the size of building portfolio nor the quantity of floor levels and allocated zones.

The introduction of the SmartClean data-driven cleaning approach, enables companies to improve their quality of service for all cleaning services offered, whether they be washrooms, common areas, meeting rooms or catering areas.  The installation of sensors in washrooms as well as optional Please Clean Me!  sensor buttons , allows cleaning supervisors to monitor how washroom and other selected spaces are occupied by your client’s occupants.

SmartClean Insight from MetrixVision Analytics

The Insight provided by our Cloud based system is based upon our MetrixVision Analytics. Real-time Insight enables your cleaning supervisors to fine tune and improve your level of service, directly benefitting an Enhanced Wellbeing for occupants.  

For the first time you will have an evidence based, real-time audit trail, allowing you to honour and improve  your agreed Service Levels.


Mobile App for Cleaning Operatives & Supervisors

Washroom status is displayed on the real-time visual display either on a Smart Watch, Smart Phone, Android tablet or Apple iPad.

Green - all is clean and well

Amber - its time to clean the space

Red - the cleaning is overdue.


We have developed a Cloud based automated cleaning supervisor that suggests the most appropriate cleaning route, based upon its very detailed knowledge of historic cleaning of the building.  

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